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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!

I'm thankful for many things.  Family.  Loving families on both sides who get along so well, we can combine family gatherings.  Family who is always here to support us, and who wraps us in their love.  Wonderful, beautiful kiddos who share their joy of discovery and learning with us every day.  And who are so darn cute!  Friends.  Old friends.  New friends.  Especially new friends who show all signs of being ones who will stick around forever.  All the things we have, even the stuff we don't need, because we've been fortunate enough to be able to accumulate it.  Health, even with its little hiccups.  School, and being able to watch my child grow and blossom even as he moves a little farther from us.  The fact that, even in financial hardship, we still can maintain our house, keep it comfortable, feed ourselves healthy foods, and enjoy life.  The creative desire to write, and the dedication to carve out time for it.  The encouraging rejections, even in the absence of acceptances.  The chance to start stretching my wings into a whole new territory, even though it terrifies me.  Romantic getaways.  Food, fun, happiness, love.  Life.

I hope, on this Thanksgiving Day, each of my readers has the chance to eat good food, spend the day with someone (or several someones) they love, and reflect on all their blessings.

Happy Turkey Day!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Solid Years

I failed to post this the day it happened due to my extended blogging absence, but October 19th marked two solid years of writing or editing every day.  (Minus a maternity leave, of course, so I actually started in July 2010.)

That's quite the milestone for me.  Before I set this goal for myself and held myself accountable, I had always wanted to write every day, and I would regularly get started, but after a few weeks I would lose my enthusiasm and stop.  The next thing I knew, it had been months since I had written.  That silly little ticker in the corner of my blog really helps me, as I don't want to see it go back down, and it forces me to find SOMETHING to write, even if I've finished a project.

I'm proud of the dedication I have managed to put into my writing these past two years.  It gives me confidence that I'll be able to persevere until something comes of it.

Now if only I could maintain a better motivation when it comes to submissions......

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Few non-preschool crafts

My crafts with Zaxxon have slowed w-a-a-y down lately, because we don't have as much time and he's getting some in school.  He's not coming home with as much as I would have expected, though.  His school is very free-form, allowing the kids to dictate what they want to do with much of their day.  Whenever I break out a craft at home, Zaxxon usually gets excited, but his enjoyment of that hasn't been able to compete with all of the cool toys the school has.  So he makes things sometimes, and makes a lot of his own creations like "books" (a few papers taped together,) flags (a small strip of paper on a stick) and other odds and ends (today he brought home a partially formed paper box.)  He also sometimes paints or does a special project they've set up, but probably less than half of the time.  He's thriving at school, though, and is already good at a lot of the skills he needs at this age.  So I bring out crafts when I can fit them into our schedule, because it's still fun to do at home.

Making another map from where Mickey lives, this time of Animal Kingdom
Hubby helped out.  He really wanted the background to match the park map

Here it is:  Zaxxon's path through Animal Kingdom

He made a birthday card for his Dada
I asked him to trace the word "Dada," but he wanted to circle the letters instead

This was the first time we used watercolors.  We had an extra set, because it was supposed to go to the first preschool for a school supply, but wasn't needed at the second place

He brought a pinecone and some sticks home from the preschool playground one day, saying he was going to make it into a man.  I racked my brain, raided the backyard, and helped him make pineconeman


He didn't use all the puffballs and eyeballs, so he wanted to just glue them on paper.  Mostly, he wound up drawing with the glue.  Yeah, not too fond of that method of crafting, but he had fun while it lasted

And that's really all we did from August through October.  We've done one Thanksgiving craft so far and I hope to make a few more before the day, but we'll see

Tot School

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sometimes it's best to let things go

I suppose that's a rather ominous title for a post after more than a month of absence from blogdom, however, I'm not referring to the blog.  In my absence I've continued to write (or rather, edit my novel) daily, sometimes a lot and sometimes a little.

For the last week and a half, it's been on the "little" side.  I've been working on a chapter that just hasn't been working.  As I set to correct the little details and bring it into line with some changes I made earlier in the book, I just haven't been motivated.  I've wasted time.  I've stalled.  I've finally forced myself to focus, gotten through a small passage, and declared my obligation "done," though in the weakest sense of the word.  Today, however, as I stared at the screen with all signs pointing toward another day of editing doldrums, I suddenly realized that if this chapter has been boring me so much (the first moment I realized it even was boring me), then it probably ought to just be cut.  I could start the chapter later and add a few paragraphs of summary, and instead of dragging me (and very likely, my readers) down, it would arise stronger, tighter, and as a better read.  Hooray!

Except that now I feel like I've wasted the last week and a half.  All that time spent arduously ironing out prose that isn't even going to make it.  My husband tells me they weren't wasted, that I needed that time with the work stewing in my mind before the solution could come to me.  Wise words.  Slightly tempers the disappointment.

Anyway, after restarting the chapter, cutting a little here, pasting a little there, and writing brief summaries, I turned 900 words into 200.  And regained my enthusiasm to keep going.  So it was the right thing to do, but boy, it can be hard to throw out that much work.  Especially recent work.  Such is the work we do.

Now to see if anybody's still reading!