Welcome to the blog of science fiction author Eileen Rhoadarmer--where science fiction and Mommyhood collide!

About Me

I am a wife and a mother. I am a science fiction author. I am a stay-at-home-mom. I am an entrepreneur trying to create a mobile app to help people with food allergies. I am trying to do my best at balancing all of this craziness in my life.

My fiction is primarily soft/sociological scifi, and is mostly near-earth. My story "Night Terrors" appears in the anthology "Doomology: The Dawning of Disasters," which is currently available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and I have several pieces of work under consideration at many other magazines and anthologies.  I recently finished editing my first novel, and will be seeking representation for it later this year, after running it by some Beta Readers.  Even though another novel has been taking my imagination hostage for the last few weeks/months, I'm focusing my energy  on short stories again for a little while. I'm also beginning to dabble in picture books, and will be seeking representation for some of those in the near future as well.

My older son, Zaxxon, is 4 years old and rockin' the preschool front this year.  He just misses the cutoff for kindergarten, so he'll have a year of pre-K ahead of him next year before moving on to full-time school.  I often can't believe he's this old and big already.  It seems like not long ago at all that HE was the little one around here.  He's really blossomed this year, especially socially, and is starting to learn the nuances of life and people.  He's also turning into a Lego and video game addict, and he will pretend to be any superhero devised--especially Flash.

Kal'El, my younger son, is almost 2 and is definitely a stubborn toddler.  He loves to explore and is curious about everything.  He's also very kind and loving, and always has a hug for someone who is upset.  He's still at the two-word sentence phase, but communicates a great deal with those two words, and seems to learn new ones every day.  Nothing excites him more than balls and trains.

I talk about both of my boys a lot on this blog, because they dominate much of my time.  (And no, those aren't their real names.)

My husband is trying to make his way in the copywriting/marketing world, and he is a writer as well.  Previously he focused on screenplays, but recently he decided to join me in writing novels and celebrated finishing the first draft of his first novel.  We met at a science fiction convention. We are madly in love.