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Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Solid Years

I failed to post this the day it happened due to my extended blogging absence, but October 19th marked two solid years of writing or editing every day.  (Minus a maternity leave, of course, so I actually started in July 2010.)

That's quite the milestone for me.  Before I set this goal for myself and held myself accountable, I had always wanted to write every day, and I would regularly get started, but after a few weeks I would lose my enthusiasm and stop.  The next thing I knew, it had been months since I had written.  That silly little ticker in the corner of my blog really helps me, as I don't want to see it go back down, and it forces me to find SOMETHING to write, even if I've finished a project.

I'm proud of the dedication I have managed to put into my writing these past two years.  It gives me confidence that I'll be able to persevere until something comes of it.

Now if only I could maintain a better motivation when it comes to submissions......

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Charlie Holmberg said...

Congrats! That's an amazing accomplishment, one I certainly can't own up to. Any idea how many words you've written since the start of the counter? ;)