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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Never Too Early to Introduce Your Children to Science Fiction

I found this excellent book at the library the other day.
Space Case by Edward Marshall, with pictures by James Marshall

Mostly I only get my son board books, since it's too easy for him to tear paper pages (in fact, he currently lacks the manual dexterity to turn paper pages without skipping a ton) but when I saw the title and cover, I couldn't resist.

It's a very fun story about a space alien who comes to Earth, discovers Halloween, makes a friend and follows his friend to school.  It has no real science of course--but that's part of its charm.  I cracked up at the line "After studying the dictionary, the thing found it easier to communicate."  And I love this page:
In case you can't read the narrative, it says "[It came] to meet the natives, who were not especially friendly."  The picture, and the implications that go along with space-alien-lore and cows was funny to me.

I definitely recommend this book to parents of young children, since it's a fun, silly little story.  It even has a tiny bit of a lesson in acceptance.

This is not my first attempt to indoctrinate my son into liking science fiction.  He has two Star Trek bibs:  one says "Jean-Luc's my hero," and the other has a picture of a baby Vulcan and says "Mind meld This."  He also had a onesie that said "Future Trekkie," which he has long since outgrown.  Here are some pictures I took of him last May, on the day the most recent Star Trek movie came out
I just love scifi, and I'm working to keep it going into the Next Generation!


Linda said...

That little book does look like fun. You are definitely right- never too early to expose kids to scifi!

Mom xox said...

Oh where oh where has that baby gone?
Oh where or where can he be?
With his big blue eyes and his little pink feet
Oh where or where can he be?

He was eaten by the current version!