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Friday, July 23, 2010

I am Without Wisdom

Teeth, that is.

I always thought I'd get away with leaving them in my head indefinitely, but about two years ago, one of them decided to cut through.  But not quite.  The result was a gap in my gums prone to catching stuff, and I finally took action and had them removed.  It was quite sudden, actually, as my expected surgery date was August 30, but I got a call on Tuesday saying that a spot had opened up for Wednesday, so off I went.  Thankfully, my Mom was able to come stay the night before and watch my son, as well as pick me up after.

I napped for most of the day Wednesday, waking up for a snack and more pain pills.  By the time I woke up Thursday, however, I was already ready to be done with Hydrocodone.  It was just making me too sleepy and dizzy to take care of my son (and was starting to make me just a teensy bit nauseous.)  Thankfully, my husband's Mom was able to come over for a few hours, so I could score a nap and get the rest of that potent drug out of my system.  I'm now getting by on Ibuprofen and ice packs.

Pain levels really aren't too bad, although they get worse towards the end of the day, and after eating.  I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for real food again, but I'm afraid of getting stuff caught in my tender gums, not to mention chewing hurts my jaw.  Hopefully soon.

I've still been extra tired, but life is slowly getting back to normal.  Potty training is back on, at my son's request, after three days off (the first, because Mama turned into The Hulk and wanted a break, and the other two because of the surgery,) and I'm hoping to do some writing again today (too tired the last two days.)  Hopefully I still have enough wisdom to write.  At least I didn't have to lose Creative Teeth!

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