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Monday, November 1, 2010

October Stat Check

During the month of October, I wrote on all 31 days!!!!!!!!!!  In fact, I'm at 56 straight days now!

I wrote 22,000 words (about 9 chapters) for my novel
I made 2 submissions
I received 3 rejections
I declared that one market either lost or never responded to my submission, after four months of waiting and 8 days after my query went unanswered
I have 7 stories currently in slush pile circulation
I took between 1 and 6 days to resubmit a story after a rejection
I made 9 blog posts
I took no days off
It felt good to write everyday, even though there were a few days that were hard to do (most notably right before my son's birthday.)  I haven't been very present online this month, but that just goes to show that I can't be everywhere at once.  Overall, I'm very happy with this month.  I like looking at my calendar and seeing little Ws in the corner of each day indicating that I produced something.  I don't really want to turn the page!

My goals for November are to attempt to reach 50,000 words by month's end.  I don't know whether I'll make it, though I do know it's possible.  I also have a goal to enforce my own bedtime.  I've been exhausted lately, no doubt due to the pregnancy, and even 8 hours don't seem to be enough.  On top of that, I often deprive myself of sleep, but I'm hoping to enact some small smidgen of self-control and get to bed on time, so as to have the energy to stay awake and write when I need to.  There are several things I'd like to catch up on as well, though I don't know whether any of that will happen.  We'll see how my time-management skills work for the next month.


David Barron said...

That's frankly awesome. It doesn't really matter if you're online everyday if you write everyday, and 22,000 words is 22,000 words.

I don't have a family and live in a very relaxing country, so I can do that "one post a day" schedule as well as getting my word-count in. But, you know, it does say "single" right in my bio. There's Always a trade-off.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Your October was a lot more impressive than mine :O