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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maternity Leave Stat Check

As I had hoped, my maternity leave was not completely barren of writing activities, though they did slow down considerably.  Here's how I did:

During my maternity leave, I wrote on 49 days--not bad, slightly more than half.  Many were very small, but at least I did something!
Hubby and I finished the first draft of our animated screenplay, I made grammatical edits of said screenplay, and I began editing one of my short stories.
I made 0 submission
I received 4 rejections, and I suspect one submission was never received
I have 8 stories that should be in slush pile circulation, but only 3 are currently out (most likely 2, if my above suspicion is correct)
I made 9 blog posts (in 3 months, whee)

It was definitely good to take time off for the birth of my son.  I couldn't even think about writing for the first two weeks.  It was nice to be working on a joint project too, because it was a nice, slow way of easing back into it.  I was glad to have given myself an excuse to not feel guilty about not writing... or submitting... or anything.

I'm sure things are going to remain slow.  It's going to be a lot of work to get all my pieces back out in addition to finding time to write/edit.  Today was a perfect example, what with the baby crying and the toddler pushing every boundary he knows, but I did manage to spend a few minutes doing edits on a story.  It's one I'm really happy with, so I have high hopes for it.  Here goes!

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