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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So far, so good

Well, here we are, fifteen days into September, and I've written everyday so far.  Not much every day, but it's happening.  It's taken me this long (plus a few times in August) to edit a 5,000 word story, so I'm not breaking any records, but it feels good to have this one done.  I'll probably try it out on a few family readers, just to see if they notice anything else, but I think it's mostly ready to go.

I've been feeling enthused to start editing my novel, so that's what I'm going to begin next.  I printed it out today, so I don't have to be glued to the computer in order to give it my first read-through, and it's a beast.  186 single spaced pages (double-sided, of course.  And note to self:  print the even pages first next time, that way they'll be in order after the odds finish printing instead of having to turn each page over.  Ai.)  I plan to read through it quickly the first time and see how it feels and what it needs, and then start making notes in the margins.  And then the heavy-duty work can begin.



CNHolmberg said...

Good luck with revising! And you should probably take down the "frozen for maternity leave" line on your counter. ;)

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Thanks Charlie! I just noticed that, oops.