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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiddie Crafts - Snow White

Some of you may remember my excitement when I started exposing Zaxxon to fairy tales, realizing that most of the prep work of crafts was done already.  The Three Little Pigs was very easy for me to throw together.  Well, this doesn't extend to Snow White.  At least, not if you don't want all your crafts to be Disney coloring pages.  With the internet mainly failing me, I had to make stuff up myself.  (Not that that's a bad thing, but I like to find easy craft ideas online.)

After we read the story of Snow White, the first thing Zaxxon and I did was make a magic mirror.  We cut a frame...

...made a face...

...glued on some foil...

...and examined ourselves in the "reflection."

Next we did some freehand drawing to make Snow White, who is very Picassoesque with her nose on top, then her mouth, and her eyes at the bottom of her face--not to mention the arms coming out of her head.  :)

We also drew the belt, comb, and apple the queen used to try to kill Snow White.  Then Zaxxon announced that he wanted to eat an apple, so we cut one up and shared it.

The next day we colored in seven dwarfs

Cut them out

And pasted them to a number 7

Then I had him draw a queen

And decorate her crown

We finished this up by formally introducing the letter Q.  Zaxxon decided to draw lines between the pictures where we needed to cut the paper,

and then he followed them pretty well.  There were no other Q crafts, because I could only come up with five kid-friendly Q words to show him.

Crafts have slowed to a crawl these days, but I think we both miss them.  Zaxxon often seems to be in a better mood and more cooperative when we share this time together, so I'll probably try to get more done again.  The biggest hurdle is the prep time on my part--time has been in short supply lately.  But it's worth the time and effort.  It's also a lot of fun.

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