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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kiddie Crafts -

We're in a bit of a sabbatical from kid crafts.  The projects here stretched more than a month.  I just haven't been in the mood to put stuff together these days.  I think Zaxxon misses it though, so I hope to step up production again soon.

We had another round of birthdays to prepare for in April, so once again I had Zaxxon make cards.  I wrote the recipients' names on the cards and had him trace the letters.  He decided to modify many of the letters though.  First, he turned the first "P" in "Poppa" (my dad) into an R, and then decided to turn all the letters into Rs, so "Poppa" became "RRRRR."  Other names morphed in similar ways.

Zaxxon has been examining the the dream catcher hanging in our window lately.  When we told him what it's for, he declared that he wanted it in his room to catch his bad dreams.  I wasn't about to give him mine, but I scoured the internet looking for ways for him to make his own.  We started with a paper plate, which I cut the center out of.  First he decorated it.

Then we punched holes in it

and then threaded yarn between the holes.

Lastly, I tied feathers to some small pieces of yarn and Zaxxon threaded beads onto the yarn.

After I tied everything off, viola, dream catcher!

My cousin has decided to become a doctor for the Air Force, and she and her family came out to Colorado to have another cousin swear her in.  I thought it would be nice for Zaxxon to make her something, so I found some military coloring pages online and had him decorate them.

Sensory bin!!!

Our sensory bin has been sitting full of dried-up fake snow for months now, and Zaxxon regularly asks for it.  I've been telling him I will fill it up soon, and I finally bit the bullet and did it.  He asked for beans again, so one afternoon I emptied the fake snow, added the beans back, and let him play.

After he was in bed I added "treasures" that I've been collecting for this very purpose.  The next day, when Zaxxon noticed that there was color inside the bin he was so excited to open it up and find all the hidden treasures.

It has been great fun to have this out again, with the only problem being that Kal'El can tell that something exciting is happening on the table and he wants to participate--but the beans, of course, go straight into his mouth if we let him get near it.
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