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Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Year Kiddie Craft

Superbowl Sunday here!  We always have a party, and this years looks to be fun.  Too bad the Broncos didn't make it.  Boo.


Last year, Zaxxon got a calendar from a magazine someone subscribed him to.  I hung it on his wall and we put stickers on it every day, in order to help mark the passage of time.  It has become part of our nightly routine.  There was no calendar this year, but I knew we needed to get him another one, because this experiment has been highly successful.  We can point to where we are on a calendar now, and where a significant even will be, and he grasps the concept of how long it will take to get there.  So a 2013 calendar was a must.  Before I could decide whether to nab a free community one from the library or spend some of his Christmas money on one, Zaxxon decided that he'd rather make his own.  So I printed some pages off the internet, he decorated, and we put the whole thing together.  He was very proud of this craft, and it's useful for a whole year, so I thought I'd share.
This was an imitation of the December page of our last Calendar, with a snowflake thrown in for good measure
There are some hearts here, for Valentine's Day in February
For March we have an Easter Bunny sitting on top of an egg
April features some flowers
May includes me and my boys for Mother's Day.  And I've already forgotten who is who.  Dang, I should have done this sooner
June is hubby and the boys for Father's Day.  Hubby is the central figure, and he's got a hand out patting each of the boys on the heads.  Again, don't remember which of them is which.
I tried to get Zaxxon to draw an American flag on this one, but I was describing it rather than showing him a picture, so he didn't quite get it.
A swimming pool (complete with a diving board) and a bicycle for August.  I believe that's Zaxxon and Dada in the pool
September is Zaxxon and Dada raking leaves.  There's a tree in the middle, with red and orange leaves along it's trunk
October is Halloween and is Zaxxon's birthday month, so we have a jack-o-lantern and a wrapped present
November features two handprint turkeys
Lastly, December has Santa Claus.
It's pretty remarkable that Zaxxon stayed with this project in one go.  He was getting a little bored by the end--I made some suggested additions to some months, and he said "nah"--but he still wanted to get it completed and hanging on his wall.  I'm very proud of him for this, and I love that some of his pictures are starting to actually look like the thing he's drawing.  Pure awesomeness.

And as a final note, I thought I'd throw in a sensory bin photo.  This is still the Christmas themed one.  Kal'El loves the sensory bin and regularly requests it, and Zaxxon plays along too, if he isn't in preschool at the time.  On this day, they both decided to climb into it.  I love it when they're both being cute, and being brotherly.

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