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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Stat Check

During the month of April, I wrote/edited on all 30 days

I finished the readthru of my novel, sent it out to some beta readers, revised a story I wrote about a year ago, and wrote the first draft of a picture book
I made 11 submissions
I received 2 rejections
I have 12 stories in slush pile circulation
I made 3 blog posts
I took no days off

I feel pretty happy with my progress for this month.  Finishing something as hefty as a novel and soliciting opinions for it was a big step, and then it was nice to get back into stories.  I've been so enthused about my writing this month that I'm frequently bargaining extra time from my kiddos after their naps/quiet time (can't you occupy yourselves for a little longer so I can keep writing??)

Writing a picture book was quite different--especially since it's in rhyme--but the nice thing about kids' books is that they're SHORTER!  So you finish them much more quickly.  I'm feeling pretty good about that one and hope to get it out later this year.  In fact, if all goes well, it could be a series.

I subscribed to Duotrope this month, and it was very nice to get my stories back under consideration.  I just ended my subscription, and am planning to pay for another month in July or so.  I think I've come up with a good way to keep track of everything until that time, so I ought not to let everything lapse again.  So I'm feeling pretty confident on that front, too.

I've got a long list of things I'd like to get to next, but with limited time, I know it'll all be slow.  But slow is better than nothing!

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Nana said...

Just checked your blog for the latest and saw - May 8th - that's yesterday.
Wow, what good news. Your dad is here and explained what it meant.
Great to read it and we're happy too.