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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A few more crafts from Zaxxon

Zaxxon has expressed a lot more interest in coloring books lately, perhaps because he's honed the ability to stay within the lines better.  To that end, I purchased a couple of activity books from the dollar section for him.  This one shows him how to color by number (or symbol, or outline.)

I helped Zaxxon create a superhero logo for himself (for a project I'm hoping to do for his birthday,) and doing so inspired him to create an entire superhero costume for himself.

He's got the emblem on his chest, a cape on his back, and a cowl sort of thing over his shoulders.

This is a mural of the Batcave that has replaced the map of where Mickey lives on his wall

Zaxxon and Dada are working on a picture book together, one that they are meticulously writing and illustrating.  It's cute to see them working on it.

Zaxxon and I also worked on a book together.  We took our copy of "Goodnight Zoo" to the real zoo, snapped pictures of the animals in the book, pasted it onto paper, and wrote our own words.  Then I bound it using a needle and thread, because I thought it would work better (at least without bending the paper) than a stapler.

Preschool starts next week!  I have ambitious plans to do craft projects with Kal'El while Zaxxon is gone, although I've only got one prepped as of this writing.  We'll see how--and frequently--it goes!

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