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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Allergy Superheroes!!!

Knock, knock.  Hello?  Is anybody still reading this?  I suppose it may still show up in somebody's reader, even if no one stumbles across the actual blog.

Hi!  I haven't blogged about writing in a year, and that's likely to continue.  My writing has continued, regardless.  I do still write every day.  I've taken some time to write/perfect queries for a few projects, and am flooding the world with submissions.  I'm continuing to work on new material as well.  Steadily plugging away.

Today's post is not to bore you about the unexciting aspects of my writing life.  No, I wanted anyone who sees this to know that I am blogging again!  Just not here.

My husband and I are starting a company:

Allergy Superheroes, LLC
Empowering and protecting allergic kids!

We will be launching an exciting line of products to do just that!
Somebody you know is affected by food allergies.  Very possibly more people than you are aware of!  So please share the following links.  Share them far and wide (we love likes and followers!)  You never know when you will be helping someone out!

2nd Generation Allergy Mom (my new blog)

Allergy Superheroes on Facebook
Allergy Superheroes on Pinterest
Allergy Superheroes on Instagram
Allergy Superheroes on Twitter
Allergy Superheroes on Google+ (yes, we know it's cumbersome.  for now.)
Allergy Superheroes on YouTube

I hope all of you are still doing well with your writing.  Come say "hi" at the new blog, if you can!

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Anonymous said...

HI Eileen, I hadn't heard from you in a while so I peeked in. So glad to hear you're still writing and doing meaningful work. Good luck with the company!