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Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Stat Check

During the month of July, I wrote on 20 of the days.
I finished revisions on a longer story (Pandora's Time,) started (and then put on hold) a complete rewrite of my short story The French Maid, sorted through most (but not all) of the critiques I got for Bleeders, and started writing a novel.
I made 7 submissions
I received 4 rejections
I have 7 stories currently in slush pile circulation
I took between 2 and 18 days to resubmit a story after a rejection (one was actually 71 days after I should've realized it hadn't won a contest, but I foolishly didn't pay attention.  I resubmitted it 4 days after that realization.)
I made 9 blog posts
Between writing, the blog, and Critters, I took 7 days off

This is a lower number of productive days for me for two reasons:  1) I had to give myself a bit of a break to catch up and 2) I had my wisdom teeth removed, which resulted in two days of pain and grogginess which was not condusive to writing.  I took a week off of writing to catch up on submissions and Critters critiques in the middle of the month, and I felt much better after getting everything under control again.  All but one of my stories came back to me at the end of June or beginning-to-mid July, so I had a lot to do at once.  At least they now all have my Night Terrors sale in the cover letter!

It's been fun starting to work on a novel.  I've never done anything longer than about 14,000 words before, so it's very different to work on something that should be a minimum of four times that.  I knew I'd need to start writing novels sooner or later--nobody makes a living off short stories, after all--so I'd been planning to make the transition by participating in NaNoWriMo this November.  However, I got so excited about this idea that I decided to start now.  It's been flowing really well so far, and I only hope it doesn't burn out.

My goals for August are to write on most days again, finish categorizing the critiques for Bleeders, hopefully revise Bleeders so I can send it into Submissionland, make a second draft of a new story and send it to Critters, get readers for my mystery story (which I completely failed to do in July,) get about 10 blog posts, and do more networking.

I guess I'd better get busy.

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