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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Many Silhouette Giveaways

Well, how about that?  Not even a week ago I blogged about my son's birthday invitations and how I would like to get a Silhouette machine, and then my friend finds two Silhouette giveaways to enter!  Sure, my odds are about 1 in 500 (and that's if more people don't enter before they end) but that's still a chance, right?  So for anyone else who is interested, here are the links to the Silhouette giveaways:

From Blue Cricket Design (ends September 29)

and from Somewhat Simple (ends September 30)

Holy @#$#*@#!!!  There are more of them than I realized!  Here are a few MORE Silhouette giveaways:

From Amy's Finer Things (ends Sept 30)

From Twig & Thistle (ends Sept 30)

From The Shopping Mama (ends Sept 30)

From Our Best Bites (ends Sept 28)

From How Does She? (ends Sept 29)

From Crafty Pod (ends Sept 30) (that sure sounds like a sci-fi name to me!)


Sela said...

Glad you found them! I was going to email you and spaced it :) Good luck! If you win one and I don't, I'm coming over...

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

You're more than welcome. In fact, ditto!