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Monday, October 25, 2010

Emerging from the Black Hole of a Birthday Party

Yes, as you can see, I've been absent from the blogosphere for nearly two weeks.  Getting ready for my son's second birthday party has taken a complete monopoly of my time.  Plus, I've been exhausted for a reason I will elaborate at the end of this post.  However, I am proud to report that I have, at least, continued writing during this crazy time.  The ticker is correct, I'm now at 49 days of nonstop writing!  I'm never going to make the 50,000 words of NaNoWriMo at this pace, as some days have been as few as 250 words, but at least I've kept going!

But this particular post isn't about writing.  I'm here to say:


Here are a few highlighs of the day:

The biggest time-sucker was getting the cake ready.  Why?  Because in keeping with the "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" theme, I made individual train car cupcakes.  This is three boxes of cake.
Hubby participated with the decorating, but it still took us several combined hours to complete all this.  It was particularly difficult since we have to bake without egg, which makes the cakes more crumbly.  They had to spend a lot of time in the freezer to keep them from falling apart as we worked with them.

But despite the amount of work, I am happy with the result.
Here are the favors.  Also trains, containing a stuffed monkey (they came with monkeys,) a matchbox car, a frisbee, and two glider airplanes.  Planes, Trains, and Autos.  I blogged here about the favors when I finished painting them.
This is my son playing with his nifty new Train Table.  The most beautiful part of this gift is that I got it at a garage sale, meaning it was a lot cheaper than such things usually cost.  It's in very good condition too.
We gave him the table the night before his birthday because I wanted him to have a chance to claim it as his own before having to share with other kids the next day.  The problem was that he did NOT want to go to bed that night.  In fact, he pretty much wants to live in the basement now.  At least I know he likes it!

A few random party shots:

The obligatory cake-smeared birthday boy face
The party consisted of family and friends, and after he opened his gifts from his friends, Hubby and I had him open this gift in front of everybody.  Here's a picture of him wearing it.
Yes, that's a t-shirt that says "Big Brother."  We are expecting another!  Early June.  At that time, Science Fiction Mommy will become a Mommy of two!  And things will get even more crazy than they are now.  Let twice the fun commence!


Ben Godby said...

Oh, man... maybe you could adopt me and throw me a birthday party? December 13th.

The extent of your creativity astounds me!


Linda said...

What a great birthday party. All I could think was "how will she ever top this?" :)

And, congratulations on #2!

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about dedication! The cakes look adorable.

And congrats on the coming baby!

Marina J. Lostetter said...

Congrats, how exciting!

And what a great party.

Anonymous said...

congrats! what a fantastic age difference. they'll be playing together before too long. here's hoping for a smooth pregnancy. :D

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Thanks everyone!

Sorry Ben, I can't do parties at that time of year. We specifically aimed NOT to have kids between Thanksgiving and New Year's, or during Birthday Alley (from mid-March to mid-May for our family,) when we have 7 birthdays. There's just too much going on. Technically, I guess I'll just be extending Birthday Alley by having a kid in early June, but at least there are no others in June--and I can only hope this kiddo doesn't come early like my son did!