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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Results

Most people did this at the end of December or early January, but better late than never, right?

In 2010 I accomplished:
  • Starting this blog to help hold myself accountable, encourage myself to write, and network with others
  • Made two fiction sales
  • Wrote most of my first novel (which I finished on the 9th of this month)
  • Starting in September, I got into the groove of writing every day
  • Had nine stories in and out of slush pile circulation at various times
  • Worked on five other stories that aren't ready yet
  • Made 29 story submissions
  • Received 25 rejections
  • Retired one story
  • With a few long-term exceptions, I did a pretty good job of sending my work back out after receiving a rejection
  • Stayed active and up-to-date on Critters during the time I needed it (while I was working on stories and not a novel)
  • Kept my son alive past his second birthday
  • Got pregnant again
  • Tried, and failed to sell my house
  • Started taking my son to swimming and storytime
  • Started crafting with my son
  • Potty trained (well, pee-trained) my son
  • Didn't fall too far behind on my photos
  • Maintained a fabulous marriage with my husband, even through the rocky times
  • Kept my house from falling down and my yard (mostly) looking nice
Of course, there are many things I'd like to see more of, like fiction sales and output, but considering that my writing (and submitting) used to come in binges with months of inactivity, I think this was a solid first year of buckling down to it.  I shall accept it and aspire to do more next time.  Now, I was going to have 2011 goals in this post as well, but it's late and I've been experiencing some pregnancy-related pain, so I need to get to bed and rest.  I shall post goals in the next day or two.  G'night!

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