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Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Stat Check

During the month of December, I wrote on all 31 days! I'm at 116 days and counting.
I wrote 29,194 words (about 10 chapters) for my novel
I made 2 submissions (finally caught up on the ones I got back in October)
I received 0 rejections
I have 6 stories currently in slush pile circulation
I made 10 blog posts
I took no days off

Hooray for productivity!  I've been very busy wrapping up this novel, and while I haven't finished it yet, it's darn close.  Probably just a few more days.  It's at 98,000 words now.  It's been especially helpful that hubby wound up being home a lot, so chores like kitchen-cleaning and putting-the-child-to-bed have gone faster, freeing up more time to write.  I've also had a cold, so I've been avoiding the exercise bike, freeing up even more time to write.  Suffice it to say, I've had a really good word count these last few days.  We'll see how things go once the normal routine starts up again.

I've recently come to the conclusion that my son's and my schedule is off by about an hour.  If I would just get up earlier, I could get breakfast done earlier, have more time in the morning, start lunch on time, get my son down for his nap earlier, write sooner, have dinner sooner, get my son to bed sooner, go to bed myself sooner............  I really wouldn't have to cut anything out of my day, just forfeit an hour on the day I make the switch.  So why is that so hard for me?  But getting our schedule under control would really help my writing because if lunch is behind schedule, I tend to just feed my son so I can get him down for his nap as quickly as possible.  Then I eat while he's napping, taking precious time away from my writing.  I really need to be responsible and take control.  We shall see.

My goals for January are to finish the novel in the next few days and then jump back into short stories for a while.  I also hope to get caught back up on Critters (ha!  I'll have to reset and just start over) so I'll be able to get a wide variety of critiques once I have stories ready again.  I have two stories which, I believe, only need a little polishing, and I hope to get those into my submission cycle as well.  I would like to keep writing daily, and at the rate I've been going on the novel, stories ought to go much faster than they ever have done before.

I'll post a 2010 recap sometime soon, along with goals for 2011.  In there, I'll delve with more detail into what I'm hoping to do next.

In unrelated news, my unborn child has decided to go out for gymnastics.  I felt a few flutters prior to this, but yesterday Baby really started moving.  Hubby ought to even be able to feel it soon!  I really love that sensation.

Happy New Year everybody!

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