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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Stat Check

During the month of January, I wrote on all 31 days! I'm at 148 days!
I wrote about 11,000 words to finish my novel and then spent another 2 weeks making early revisions and necessary changes and additions.
After that I wrote the first drafts of two short stories:  one flash and one about 4,500 words
I've read 2 juvenile lit books for research for my Christmas story
I made 3 submissions
I received 4 rejections
I received an honorable mention from Writers of the Future
I took between 6 and 13 days to get a story back out after a rejection
I have 6 stories currently in slush pile circulation
I made 8 blog posts
I took no days off

I need to get stories back out into the world faster after getting them back, but other than that I'm doing pretty well.  I only started working on stories again a little over a week ago, and after so many months of the novel, it's amazing how fast it goes.  I think that my current streak of writing every day, plus the higher daily word count I started getting used to with the novel is helping me write stories faster than ever before.  I also think that I put stories on hold for so long, and I got so many ideas while working on the novel, that they just can't wait to come pouring out.  Pretty soon I'm going to really need to get back on track with Critters, because I'm going to have a lot of work to critique soon.

I've been doing a lot more crafts with my son lately too (that will be the subject of a different post) and between prepping for them, a lot of house projects that need doing, and my own masochistic tendencies, I've been depriving myself of sleep again.  So I'd like to (as usual) get bedtime under control.  Other than that, I'm looking forward to another productive month with a handful of stories and more progress on where to go next with my Christmas story.

Happy February, and wherever you are, I hope you're warmer than Colorado (today's high was -1.)

Oh yeah, and Happy Blogiversary to me!  One year ago today, I started this whole rigamarole.  I think it has helped me grow as a writer.  At least it keeps me accountable.  Go me.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on sticking with it! You're doing great, especially with the 1.2 kids. ;)

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

:) 1.2 I like that!

Mom said...

Go you.