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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Return of the Sensory Bin

Well, our sensory bin never really went away, but it's had pinto beans in it since July.  So much for my original intention of changing it out every month.  He was still playing with it occassionally, but not with much frequency.  However, a friend of mine recently posted about her new one and linked to this blog, which is full of lots of wonderful sensory bin ideas.  I got inspired, and decided to change it up again.
I've been collecting pom poms for a while, buying them when I go to a craft store and have a coupon handy.  I also made a few myself (found the tutorial on Counting Coconuts above.)  They're very soft, and so far he's loving them.  I even commented the first day we brought it out that if the baby were here already, I'd remove the hard toys and lay the baby in the bin amongst the pom poms so we could all play.  Perhaps I'll put the pom poms back in June or July.
I've been getting a lot of ideas for themes for future months, so perhaps this time I will change the contents regularly.  But for now, my son likes having something new.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of sensory bins.... interesting...