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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Critters and Rewrites and Screenplays, Oh My

I've got another story going out to Critters today--bang, bang, bang, they're really piling up on each other.  I'm nowhere near finished reading the critiques I got last time (the stopped trickling in just last week.)  I got 21 critiques for the last story.  I knew it felt rough but wasn't sure why, and so far people have agreed with my "rough" assessment.  I have, at least, gotten a few good assessments to help me see what needs work.  And it definitely needs work.  This one will require another major rewrite.

The one going out today I'm pretty excited about.  I like the premise and the story as it stands, so I'm hoping people will mainly provide simple ways to make it better.  Even if I determine, based on critiques, that it needs a lot of work, I'll probably work on this one before beginning a major rewrite of the previous one, just because I'm a lot more enthused about it and would like to get it submitted before baby's arrival.  We're at a month as of yesterday, so I'm really starting to feel the crunch.

Hubby and I are continuing to make good headway on our screenplay, which is also good considering the time crunch we're now under.  That, analyzing critiques, and revising have comprised the bulk of my writing projects these days.  What's a little frightening is the fact that I haven't really come up with many new story ideas recently.  I did a fast spate of new stories shortly after finishing the novel, but haven't had any "wow, that's an awesome idea" thoughts in a while.  I guess, perhaps, that means it's time to start the first rewrite of the novel, where I can let story ideas pile up again.

Actually, I did have one story idea.  It wasn't so much a new idea as a new thought on something that I'd been mulling over for a while, and I stupidly didn't write it down.  I distinctly remember being in the dark bathroom getting ready for bed, thinking "huh, that's a neat idea, I'm sure I'll remember it tomorrow," and doing nothing about it that night.  And now nothing.  Ppbth.  Lesson learned.  Never, EVER put off writing the idea down.  (Usually I do, but for some reason....)  Alas.


Anonymous said...

Seems you need to review basics of subjective vs objective case. For an aspiring writer to begin a sentence "for hubby and I" does not bode well and your use of apostrophes needs work. Perhaps you should take some time spent writing and instead reacquaint with a basic English grammar. Not meant to be hurtful. As you know it's competitive out there and such things do influence.

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Interesting comment, especially made anonymously. Don't want me to know who you are?

Poppa said...

Yes, if by "interesting" you mean inaccurate. Sorry ma'am, I think you have trolls. One anyway.