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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Need Direct Brain-to-Blog Technology

I really haven't been meaning to neglect this blog for so long.  Is anybody still paying attention?  I keep starting blog entries in my head but not finding the time to get down to my office and type them.  So if I could just interface my brain with the blog, I could get entries made more regularly!  Wait, what was that?  Am I thinking that invasive technology that would access the brain is a good idea?  WHAT HAS HAVING A SECOND BABY DONE TO ME?????

I guess I'll just make a quick update.  First for an adorable baby photo, because my baby is adorable.  This is one of the first smiles I've caught with the camera.
And one of the brothers.
And for a writing update.  All has not been quiet on that front, though it has been slow.  Hubby wanted to get back to work on the screenplay we're working on together, which has been an easy way to get back into it since he's the scribe--I just sit there, read over his shoulder, and say things I think ought to be in it.  We're getting close to finished with the first draft of that.  I've also started work on revising one of my stories.  I had 20 critiques from Critters that I hadn't read yet, and I worked through them last week.  I'm now rereading the story and thinking about which bits of advice I want to take.  I'm hoping to finish that one within a week or two, though my time is limited.  I have not been keeping up with submissions, however, so I've got a pile of stories that need to go back out as soon as I can make the time to research their next destinations.

Life has been crawling back towards normal around here.  Kal'El is a good sleeper and is already going about 7 hours between feedings at night, so I can get 5 1/2 and sometimes even 6 hours of sleep at a stretch, depending on how quickly he falls asleep after eating.  He's also a very good eater--he's already over 11 pounds and has jumped from the 10th percentile at birth to somewhere over the 50th now.  I won't know exact numbers until his 2 month checkup next month.

Zaxxon has been adapting really well also.  He was easier to upset at first, but he seems to have accepted Kal'El into the family without a hitch.  He likes to show toys to his brother (we'll see how that goes once Kal'El is old enough to actually take them) and he sometimes helps with fetching and disposing during diaper changes and other times.  We're still not very good at getting out of the house during the day (and getting to kid-friendly destinations like the playground) but we're working on it.

Well, that's all from me for right now.  Sorry I haven't been visiting anybody else's blogs lately, but I'll pay you all visits again eventually.


Linda said...

You've had a very good reason for neglecting your blog a bit!

CNHolmberg said...

What a cute picture! And such an adorable kid!

D.M. Bonanno said...

What the heck are you apologizing for? Enjoy your baby and this special time where your older boy learns what it's like to get a few minutes alone with mommy.

And you're right: he's totally adorable. :D