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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zaxxon and Kal'El

As you've probably noticed, I've decided to refrain from using my children's names on this blog.  I figure there's plenty of time before they decide they want to create online identities for themselves and I'd rather not advertise too much personal information in case any creeps happen by my blog.  HOWEVER, now that I have two boys I can't just keep saying "my son" anymore.  It'd be confusing keeping track of which son I'm referring to, so I decided I needed something a little more distinct.  To that end, I will now be using my sons' "It Names" to identify them.  (Their It Names are the names we called them in utero before we knew whether they were boys or girls.)

So now I would like to introduce:


My older son, who is currently 2 1/2 and the one you've been hearing about since this blog began.  The name Zaxxon came from a friend of my husband's, who "suggested" it as a name for our baby.  We thought it was fun and used it before he was born.  We later found out it's the name of a boss in some video game.


My husband kept (I think he was half-serious) pushing for the name "Kal" if we had another boy in order to name him after Superman.  I, of course, was not okay with that.  So then hubby decided he would call the baby "Kal'El" in the womb, since he knew he wasn't going to persuade me to actually use the name.

So there you have it.  This is how I will differentiate between them from now on, and still keep their actual identities private.


Linda said...

Great choices for the noms de plume!

Ben Godby said...

So, wait... these aren't their real names?

Eileen... I am disappoint.

Mom said...

When did you add the baby alien?