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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kiddie Crafts - Easter

...and St. Patrick's Day too.

Zaxxon and I only did one craft for St. Patrick's Day this year:  he made a leprechaun hat.  This year, he cut the outline and the hat band himself.

He liked wearing it around the house for a while.  A leprechaun came to our house while we were at the museum on this day.  He knocked over some furniture and left some plastic and chocolate coins.  Zaxxon enjoyed playing leprechaun once he'd finished his hat (we had to remind him that it wasn't okay to bang the furniture though--bad example, Leprechaun!)

We had a few birthdays to celebrate at the beginning of April, so I had Zaxxon make cards.  I asked him to trace the names of the people they were to, but he decided he wanted to circle each letter instead.

Then we decorated the fronts with glitter glue, confetti, and crinkle paper.

We had a surprise birthday party for hubby's mom at our house.  Hubby's sister brought a storebought cake, but since Zaxxon can't have eggs, we made some of our own cupcakes to have at the party too.  This was the first time Zaxxon got to use his new apron.  I wore my new one too, which has a picture of the two of us baking together last year.

We only did a few crafts for Easter this year.  The first was handprint sheep with popcorn wool.  Zaxxon loved this, and loved gorging himself on popcorn while doing it.

Next, we made a garland of bunnies and eggs.  I saved the shapes from last year, so this one was easy to put together.

Then we broke out the hard-boiled eggs and used them as paint brushes to paint large paper eggs.  This served the dual purpose of making a piece of artwork and decorating some eggs.  We had to be careful, though.  Zaxxon is allergic to eggs, so if an egg broke, I had to remove it from his reach.  Still, we had fun.

Zaxxon's hands got pretty coated too.

And I do like the way these turned out.

Lastly, we made a bunny-shaped basked out of a paper plate.

Our last craft of the week was for Zaxxon to decorate his new apron with fabric paint.

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Angela Brown said...

So much Easter and birthday fun. Love the crafts. :-)

Charlie Holmberg said...

You are such a good mom.