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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spam, spam, spam, spam (hums Monty Python)

Wow.  A little while back, I took the word verification off my blog to make it a little easier to make comments, based on advice I'd read somewhere on the internet.  The premise was that people are a little more likely to comment if they have fewer hoops to jump through.  The same person said spam comments aren't much of an issue unless your blog is huge, and if you get one, just delete it.  "Sure," I thought.  "Why not?"

Well, thank goodness Blogger has a spam filter.  I don't look to see whether comments need moderating very often (I don't require moderation unless the post is older, and that's just to make sure I know it's there) so I didn't notice that my spam folder was filling up.  In just under a month, I got 15 spam comments in my spam folder.  I can only assume they began after I took off the word verification (I don't remember what day that was.)

It's pretty amazing that my blog is big enough to generate spam.  I don't get all that many visitors.  But at least the filters seem to be holding for now.  Whether or not I'll keep the word verification off remains to be seen, based on whether the spam becomes a nuisance.

Do you ever get spam on your blog?

1 comment:

Angela Brown said...

It's funny you mention this. I got a few spam comments before taking my verification off then a few more after. Now my blogger, bless its soul, sometimes feels the need to validate its spam existence by putting a comment in there - rarely - that is not a spam person. lol!!!

So it's been a pretty good experience not having the verification in place.