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Thursday, August 30, 2012

What? A post?

No, I haven't fallen into a black hole.  I've just been busy.  I'm trying to develop a smart phone app, the novel still progresses, the kids require care as always, and we're gearing up for Zaxxon to start preschool.  Yes, blogging has mostly fallen by the wayside.  But here are a few kiddie crafts that we've thrown in here and there.

The day after we got back from Orlando, Zaxxon declared that he wanted to make a map.  A map of what?  Of where we were... of where Mickey lives!  So we pulled out some big paper and a park map we brought home and set about making a personalized map, highlighting the rides we went on.

Drawing Cinderella's Castle

Coloring Mickey

Insisting on using liquid glue to put it together

Now this was an awesome craft, and all his idea (though I influenced the implementation.)  If nothing else, it helps him remember everything that we did, and it was great to ride on his enthusiasm.  He regularly wants to "talk about it," which I think is great.

A week or so later, we also made a map for Animal Kingdom. 

Hubby did a lot of background on this one

Animal Kingdom, as we saw it

These helped make his trip extra special.  I love it when Zaxxon suggests crafts, and I love it even more when the crafts he suggests are do-able!

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Charlie Holmberg said...

Ha ha, so cute. You're such a good mom, doing all these crafts!