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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Table of Contents!

The Table of Contents has been posted for my next anthology!  It's been up for nearly two weeks, somehow I missed it, but at least I've got it now.

A Glitch in the Continuum:

Intervention – Patrick D’Orazio

Again the 10n – George Page

Experiments with Time - Jeremy Essex

The Third Law – Trent Roman

Tempus Fugit – Eric Steele

You Gotta Believe – William Thobaben

A Few Moments in Time – Mike Stevens

The Monster at the End of the World - Lee Zumpe

Pandora’s Time – Eileen Rhoadarmer

A Break in the Balance – Jason Thurston

The Healing Time – Kevin P. Kilburn

In The Beginning… - David R. Roberts

Congratulations to everyone on the list!


Linda said...

Congratulations! That must be very gratifying to see.

Dawn said...

cool! :) congrats!

Mom xox said...

This is so wonderful to see, Eileen. You must be so proud. I know I am!

Cyndy said...

Congrats!!! How close is it to coming on the shelves? Can we get our copy signed?

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

You want my autograph? *blush* gosh...

I don't have a timeline for this one yet. Haven't seen a contract yet either. Don't worry though, I'll keep everyone posted.

And yes, it is AWESOME to see!