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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back on the Critter

Well, I've finally done it.  I reset my counter to zero and finally started offering critiques on Critters again.  I did my first one yesterday--a short one, to ease back into it.

I have a handful of stories (many freshly written) that I'd like to get opinions on before the baby is born.  With only 11 weeks left (Yikes!!! Is that all???) I really only have time to get two stories critiqued at the normal pace.  I'm seriously considering trying to get a Most Productive Critter award (or two, or...) in order to give myself a boost to the head of the queue.  How would I get one, you might ask?  I'd have to do 10 critiques in the course of a week.  I'm not entirely sure if that's doable for me, but I think if I stick to shorter stories I *might* be able to.  I have yet to decide whether I'll be attempting it this week or next (Critters' weeks run Wed-Wed) but the experiment ought to begin soon.  Plus, the boost in number of critiques I've done will keep me active for a little while after baby's arrival, meaning I could let some critiques filter in while I'm in baby-chaos mode and simply not worry about them until life regains a schedule.  But I would like to get as many stories as possible out into the world before D-day because I'll probably be motivated to resubmit stories that come back to me during that early time, but I doubt I'll be putting together anything new--especially since I intend to give myself a maternity leave.

But anyway, I've taken the first step.


Happily Cheesy said...

Way to take the leap. I need to get back there too one of these days...

quiverfull said...

hi! whew. i decided to comment down here where there was less traffic. :) i've seen your name/blog name around this week, and have been saving it till i had time. (i do things like that...) good gracious, we have a lot in common! except you're a lot braver than i am about getting your stuff (ie writing) "out there." i'm a total chicken. but i did Nanowrimo this year and finished. (woo hoo!) which brings me to a total of three "finished" books. and not one of them decently edited or on its way anywhere. boo me. I have a children's book, a YA more fantasy type novel, and a 'grown-up' book. i seem to have a hard time picking one thing and sticking with it.
oh, and i also have a bunch of poems and this little side project i'm working on. i started a second blog that i'm "publishing" to little by little. its more of an epistolatory novel, so it lends itself fairly well to that kind of arrangement. if you want to hop over there sometime (in all your *spare* time) it's http://thelillysolomonletters.blogspot.com/. it's not necessarily indicative of the subject matter of anything else i've got going, but maybe in terms of style. ... good grief i'm long winded.
just mostly wanted to say hi, and i hope we can be friends :)
following, of course, and i think you're dong a great job with the little guy. dont freak out too much about #2. it's rough at first, but life is highly elastic, and your family will stretch and grow as it needs to.
and now, off to discover what critter is... i'm intrigued. because i really need one more thing...
thanks for connecting, and let me know if i can be of help ever in terms of beta reading or critique or anything. email is backporchmoon@yahoo.com