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Monday, March 14, 2011

Where do you Sign an Anthology?

My parents came over this weekend and asked me to sign their copy of Doomology!  So here I am, signing my first autograph!
This sparked a conversation regarding where, in an anthology containing multiple authors, does one sign autographs?  The title page?  The table of contents, next to your story?  The first page of your story?  Wherever you darn well please?

Considering that these are my parents we're talking about, and they're unlikely to have any other Doomology authors sign their copy (unless someone else happens to fall into their laps) we decided it didn't really matter.  In fact, I imagine most anyone who asks me to sign Doomology (at least before I make more sales) will be people I know personally who aren't likely to seek out other autographs for the book.  But I'm still curious about what the 'proper autograph etiquette'--if there is such a thing--would be in this instance.  Both Google and Ask.com have been unhelpful, at least with the various ways I've attempted to word the query.

I signed my parents' copy next to my name and story on the table of contents, which strikes me as probably the best place.  After all, if you had every author sign the title page you'd end up with a huge mess, and possibly some bigheaded person would sign in huge letters in the middle in an attempt to take center stage.  But I wondered what other authors thought.  Where would you sign?


Cyndy Rhoadarmer said...

When you sign our copy you can sign inside the front cover, on the title page, in the table of contents and on the first page of your story - that way all bases are covered. BTW, when I ordered our copy on Amazon yours was the only name that came up as the author. I figure if Amazon puts you in first place it must be true!

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Yeah, I probably need to talk to Amazon about that. Not quite sure how it happened, except that they put it there when I was creating my Amazon Author page. It's not really fair to the rest of them...