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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I finally found them!

When I was a kid, I remember using safety scissors.  They were plastic with a thin metal blade embedded in the plastic.  In fact, they're they only type of scissors I remember using before moving on to "adult" scissors.  So when I started doing crafts with Zaxxon and building up our craft supplies, I went out looking for the same type of scissors.

I came up blank.  Not at Kmart.  Not at Target.  Not at King Soopers.  Not at Michaels.  The only scissors I could find looked like miniature adult ones: plastic handles, metal blades.  The only concession to safety seemed to be rounded tips.  I bought a pair but we didn't use them much.  Zaxxon closed them with such force, and I always had to hold whatever he was cutting, that I was afraid he was going to slam them down on my fingers.  I couldn't image why they would stop making such a useful product.

Well, I finally found the scissors I wanted.  I wasn't looking for them at the time, and they were in a very unlikely place:  IKEA.

Yes, an IKEA recently opened in Colorado.  I'd been to one before, in Georgia, and my general feeling was that they had good, cheap stuff but I didn't really get all the hype.  And I still don't.  But my Almost-Sister-In-Law (that feels easier than saying my husband's brother's girlfriend) really wanted to go during opening weekend, and my Sister-in-law and Mother-in-law wanted to join her, so of course I had to go too.  I knew I'd feel left out if I didn't.  So we all went opening weekend.  It wasn't as bad as I'd imagined.  The only long wait was in the cafeteria (I'd heard stories of four-hour waits when other IKEAs opened) and we had fun.  I bought several things even though I hadn't had anything in mind when I went (ah, impulse shopping.)

Of course, when I found the very scissors I'd been searching for for months in their children's section, I had to get them.  They came in a two-pack:  regular scissors and pinking shears.  I like them much better, and Zaxxon has already used them several times.  He even helped me clip coupons!

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