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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Year of Writing!!!!!

For years, I've wanted to get into the habit of writing Every Day.  I've known that I need that kind of structure and self-discipline to keep myself motivated and working.  And for years, it didn't happen.  I would get excited about a project and would write regularly for a while, but then I would hit a sticky spot in a piece or I would finish a draft, my enthusiasm would curb, and the next thing I knew months would pass without my writing anything.  I would chide myself, but not do anything about it.

Then early last September, something happened.  I'm not really sure what made me keep it up, but I started writing daily while working on the first draft of my novel.  And unlike in the past, the streak lasted more than two weeks.  As it passed one month, I thought it would be fun to keep track of it on this blog, to show everyone how long I'd gone.  The next few months passed and I didn't stop.  Then the number on my sidebar became a matter of pride.  I didn't want to stop writing and have to reset the thing to zero.  So I kept going.

Some days have been great and extremely productive.  Others have been tiny, with me forcing myself to reach a minimum few hundred words or 15-20 minutes of revisions to make sure I did something.  But I haven't taken a day off.  Not a single one.  And today, I reached the year mark.  365 days of writing!

Now technically  I haven't done 365 days straight.  If I had, this post would have appeared in September.  But something happened during that time, as you likely know:  I had a baby.  And I didn't think it was fair to reset the counter when all jobs worth anything allow for maternity leave--so I decided mine would allow for a leave too.  I gave myself a break and am now back on the horse, albeit I often have to deprive myself of sleep to get anything done (crazy boys won't always nap at the same time!)

So now I've done it.  A whole year.  And I still don't want to reset the counter.  Realistically I know I can't keep this up for the rest of my life, but for now I intend to keep going strong.  Hopefully, even after I do miss a day or a week, the self-discipline I've developed will help me get started right away again.  We'll see if I can't write another of these posts next year!

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Marina J. Lostetter said...

Yay! Congratulations on your two big achievements! A year of writing consistently, and bringing a new life into the world. Well done on all fronts. Keep it up (well, the writing at least, not sure how often you want to repeat the other accomplishment there, lol).