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Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Stat Check

During the month of September, I wrote (or edited) on all 30 days!
I finished up revisions on a short story and began the monstrous task of editing my novel
I made 1 submission
I received 0 rejections
I still haven't caught up on resubmitting all the stories that got rejected during maternity leave (boo)
I have 3 stories currently in slush pile circulation, though I should have 8, soon-to-be 9 after I get a few more opinions
I made 4 blog posts (oh well)
I took no days off

It's still very hard to get much writing done--especially as Zaxxon has started giving up naps and it's hard to keep him in his room for quiet time.  I have managed, though, even if it's only a brief time right before bed--and even if it's at the expense of sleep.  It's gotten a bit easier to do something every day since I started editing my novel, because I combine this with my reading/nursing time (see yesterday's post.)  That has actually freed up a little time each day, and I've managed to get caught up with organizing my photos (go me.)

I still don't spend as much time in the blog world as I'd like--I miss the social time--but there just isn't that much time in the day yet.  Perhaps after Kal'El starts sleeping through the night.

The thing I really need to do is get my stories resubmitted.  Nobody's going to purchase them if nobody's considering them, after all.  So that is my main goal for October.  Heck, that's my goal for the first week in October.  And then I can turn to bigger things (like Halloween and planning a 3rd birthday party.)  Ah, life goes on.

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