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Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Initiation

I don't feel like I get to bake much, because we always have so much candy/other sweets floating around the house, leftover from one holiday or another.  We do dessert nearly every night after dinner, but since we don't overindulge (or allow the boys to,) it takes a long time to get through stuff.  However, the Valentine's Day treats are almost gone, and there's little left of the Halloween candy (mostly suckers, which will take a while to get rid of) so I felt the time was ripe to make cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies, with some purple food coloring thrown in to make them seem more festive for Easter!

I did this last Friday, in the morning while Zaxxon was at preschool.  And since Kal'El is getting much better at following directions, I decided to let him help me for the first time!

I love having a camera with an interval function!

He kept his hands out of the batter until we added the chocolate chips.  Stop that!

And now for the best part of helping in the kitchen

And of course, we had to sample them.  To make sure they were good enough to feed the rest of the family, I mean.  Yeah, that's what I mean.

I think I have a new little helper!

Tot School

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