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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Well, that's a wrap!

I feel somewhat in awe.  I finished the readthru of my novel today.  It's a pretty cool feeling to know that I wrote a novel, and it is complete, and it seemed to tell a pretty tight story--from my completely-biased-perspective-as-the-author.

I'll be getting readers in the near future and then shopping for an agent later this year.  Whee!  Fun times!

I finally put a good deal of thought into titles, and if anybody is still reading, I'd like your opinions.  Without, of course, knowing ANYTHING about the book itself, which title would you be most likely to pick up and read?

Project Beryl
Escape Velocity
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Descent
Eclipsed Moon

Thanks for your input!

(Eeeeeek!  What am I supposed to work on now?????!!!!!)

1 comment:

Charlie Holmberg said...

I'd say Project Beryl or Lunar Descent.

And congrats!