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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easter Eggs (yes, in June)

This is extraordinarily belated, but I wanted to post about how we decorated our Easter Eggs this year.  We used Kool Aid packets!

I saw the idea on Facebook and then searched online for more information.  It was very simple, we just emptied the packets of powder into a cup and added 1/2 cup cold water.  There was no need to add vinegar or anything else, because the packets contain citric acid, which is already an acid (or so it said online.)

An added bonus of this method was that the house smelled really good while we dipped our eggs

Another added bonus was that the color didn't come off on my hands later on, when peeling the eggs.  That, in itself, made this experiment worthwhile.

And with the very cheap cost of Kool Aid packets, especially the store brand, this was actually cheaper than buying a dye kit

Our eggs.  Notice the duck photobombing it

Most of the colors turned out really nice.  I had to make my own green by mixing lemonade and the blue one (blue raspberry?  I can't remember anymore and the flavor is cut off) and it wasn't particularly vibrant, but that's okay.  Grape didn't make for very purple eggs either, they came out closer to black.  And lastly, my online source said to add a bit of orange or red to your lemonade because yellow isn't very strong.  I used food coloring for that instead of another portion of a packet, and accidentally added way too much--so no yellow this year.

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