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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kids crafting

I've fallen desolately behind on kid craft posts.  However, I haven't done all that much with the boys lately, so there isn't too much that I missed.  Here are some highlights of kiddie crafts, as I try to catch up on my photos in general.

Making birthday cards for Grammy (which was in March--you can see how far behind I am)



I even let Kal'El paint now and then, these days

This wasn't a craft, but a "life school" moment.  We discovered a really awesome sledding hill near us when there was still barely enough snow to use it. In this pic, Zaxxon is the farthest away orange spot.  He had no hesitation to sled down this very steep and long hill by himself.  And see the closer orange spot?  That's a somewhat bigger girl who ran right over him at the bottom.

I hate it when things like that happen, because Zaxxon will be gung-ho about trying something new and fun, then he'll get hurt, and he'll clam up and not want to do it again.  The same happened here, but after much coaxing, discussing of safety and paying attention to the people around you, and a few rides with Mama or Dada, we convinced him to go by himself again.


Kal'El sledded too, but only with one of us, because he's still too little to steer.

There's a cake recipe at the back of this book, and Zaxxon requested that we bake it.

Me and two kids baking at the same time was quite chaotic.  This is the first time I've done so, and I will have more advance prep work done next time.  They had fun though, and that's what matters.

Zaxxon made cards for his preschool teachers at the end of May


Kal'El, playing around with a really BIG piece of paper

I had the boys decorate baseball caps for their Dada for Father's Day.

They had a blast (albeit a messy one) doing it

The finished products


And making cards, also for Dada


Ah, two-year-olds and paint!

Dada wore both at once for a while on Father's Day

Okay, so we're basically caught up until about a month ago.  Hoping to be more consistent again in the near future!

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