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Friday, March 19, 2010

Back on track

Okay, so if you follow this blog at all, I'm sure you can tell that I am not meeting any of my goals for the month of March. Unfortunately, I have been just too busy getting my house ready for showings, and even when I tried to make time for writing, I was just too tired and preoccupied to focus. Just an excuse? Well, yes, but a darn good and tiring one. But now I'm done--the house is on the market, with nothing to do but keep it in good shape while we sit back and wait for the hordes to come thronging to our door, demanding to see it and then competing for its purchase. Perhaps I'm being a little too optimistic; but in either case, we're done with packing and cleaning until the time comes to actually move.

We celebrated last night by turning off all the lights in the basement and running around with some glow sticks in the first evening of uninterrupted fun we've had in a while. It was great exercise and stimulation for the munchkin--I don't know what was going through his little mind, but he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it--and great stress-relief for us. Today, I'm celebrating being able to use naptime for something other than packing and cleaning.

The problem is, I think my to-do list is a bit too ambitious. I want to update this and my private family blog--that's do-able. I want to get the most-recently-rejected story out to another magazine--again, do-able. I want to do some actual work on a story--doable, but probably at my limit, considering that creative ventures take a big chunk of time. My husband found some recalls online that I need to check out: one for some frozen Mexican food we sometimes buy, and one for a high chair that looks suspiciously like ours. I need to do the research to find out if our products actually match, and figure out what to do about it if they do--not a big deal, but could be time-consuming, and naptime is slipping away. Oh yeah, and I wanted to make some cookie dough so I can pull a sheet of freshly-baked cookies out of the oven right before leaving when somebody comes to look at our house, to give it a yummy, homey smell. The actual making of cookie dough doesn't take all that long, but still... Hmmm......... I think I may be overstretching myself. Just because I have naptime to use as I see fit again does not mean that naptime will stretch to six hours. If you add to this the fact that, even though I got more sleep last night than I have in a while, I somehow feel more tired today (I must've been running on more adrenaline than I realized) and I think it is unlikely that I will complete everything on my list. Oh well, at least I can make such a list again. And we'll see if I can't meet my goals for the rest of the month, at least.

Goodness knows that with the whiteout conditions suddenly outside my window, sitting at my desk with my computer and some tea is all I want to do. Although heating up the kitchen to bake a tray of cookies (you know, to test whether the smell properly permeates the house) is tempting, too...

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Cyndy Rhoadaremer said...

Hmmmm, freshly baked cookies. Can I come look at your house? I think you're doing great!