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Thursday, March 4, 2010


It's truly amazing when your baby learns to kiss.

We've been working on this for a while, but my son only just started doing it willingly a few weeks ago.  When we ask him for a kiss (or, better yet, when he decides he wants one!) he will tilt his head back and stick his jaw out a little in order to give us access to his lips.  It's so sweet!  And for the last few nights, as I've been singing to him before bed, he has suddenly started moving his mouth close to mine and holding still for a kiss about four times per verse.  That's one of the parts I love about watching him grow:  seeing him develop emotional relationships and learn how to express them.  It more than makes up for the fit he threw this morning when I wasn't making his breakfast fast enough.

I'm afraid I'm not being very clever with wordplay tonight, but that is because I am tired.  The realtor is coming over tomorrow to help us get our home ready to be staged for showings, and between cleaning up, giving the bathroom some repair and a facelift, the normal minutae of life with a toddler, and some family health issues--I'm beat.  I hope to get to bed earlier tonight, and maybe I'll have a burst of energy tomorrow to help me really make some good progress on the house.  Hey, I can dream!  (...especially if I get to sleep)

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