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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Glitch in the Continuum Cover!

In the chaos following having my second son, it took me over a week to get my contract for A Glitch in the Continuum signed and returned (oops.)  But it's in now, and I'm looking forward to receiving this next book.  In case you've forgotten (it's been a while,) Glitch will contain my story Pandora's Time.  I also recently received the cover art for the book, so here it is!
All rights will return to me if they don't get it published within two years, but I'm not expecting it to take nearly that long.  It'll probably be a few more months.


Ben Godby said...

Awesome. The cover looks great (and I'm sure your story is, too!). I particularly appreciate their choice of a prominent bum.

... I'm just sayin'.

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

Hey Ben! I was wondering if I'd be seeing you over here again. Hope things are well on your end.

Prominent bum notwithstanding, I'm just stoked my name's actually on the cover!