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Sunday, May 20, 2012


The family and I went to the mountains for a week-long retreat two weeks ago.  We do this yearly, and hubby and I traditionally use it as a writing retreat--we have no "chores" to take care of except meals, so we spend a good deal of energy on our creative pursuits.  Unfortunately, as the boys get older, our time in which we can write has dwindled dramatically.  This year we barely got any done until the last few days, when we finally managed to coordinate their naps despite having to put them in the same room.  Alas.  It was still a nice family vacation.

The awesome thing was I finally got to test my waterproof camera (which I've had for the better part of a year) in actual water.  I love this camera!
How often do you get to see this?  Half in and half out!  The quality is SOOOOOOOOO far above and beyond those dinky disposables.

It can even take video.  So even though I couldn't take you with me, dear readers, you may now experience the water slide.  Enjoy!


Mom said...

Fun! Almost like being there, but I didn't get wet!

Mom-in-law :) said...

That worked so much better than me trying to catch Dan as he landed in the water. I love my underwater camera, too. Thanks for that gift!