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Monday, May 14, 2012

Geeks Unite! Let's fly on the Enterprise!

Yesterday evening, I walked into the office to see hubby reading an article with this title:

Starship Enterprise could be a reality by 2032, engineer says

An in-depth news article is Here, and the actual website is http://www.buildtheenterprise.org/
Basically, this guy believes we can build a spaceship with the design of the Enterprise, and he says, "It ends up that this ship configuration is quite functional."  It wouldn't have everything, of course, and there would be no warp power, but he believes it would be capable of exploring our solar system within a decent timetable (90 days to Mars.)
How awesome would it be to have a real starship Enterprise?  Hubby and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary next year and intend to take a cruise for the occasion (our honeymoon was a cruise, and we are ever-eager for more.)  Now we know what our 30th anniversary cruise will be too!
The website, which was just launched about a week ago, is aimed at trying to convince...well, Everyone...that this is worth the investment.  He's aiming at NASA and Washington, but it seems to me that his target audience ought to be private investors.  I've long thought that the future of space exploration will probably come from the private sector, because that's where the people with the interest and money are (in fact, that's part of my novel.)  Find the Star Trek nerds with large disposable incomes and get them onboard.  The rest will follow.
Anyone care to meet in Ten Forward in twenty or twenty-one years for drinks as we sail to the Moon or Mars?


Angela Brown said...

I think the persons he should be reaching out to are Richard Branson and Lance Bass. They might jump on this chance of a lifetime.

Charlie Holmberg said...

That would be SO cool. Husband and I will have to double for that cruise ;)

Poppa said...

I think the artificial gravity will not be likely either. Seems more like the ship from 2001 would be more realistic, course that doesn't have the Trekkie appeal. I'd still sign up--assuming my wife will let me, and they take 70-year-olds.