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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A big map

I typically try to blog about writing on Wednesdays, but I can't think of anything to discuss this week.  Editing on the novel is on a steady, even keel (slow, but steady) and I also revisited a story this week, but nothing happened to spark conversation.  So instead, I'll show you a way in which I wasted a good deal of writing time a few months back.

I decided I wanted a detailed map of Kennedy Space Center, Titusville, and the surrounding area so I could have an accurate picture in my mind of where everything happens in my novel.  After spending a long time online trying to find a printable map, I gave up and made one from google maps, one six-inch square at a time.
In case you're interested, there are 53 squares here.  Hubby was amused by the new wallpaper in the office.  And yes, this is my way of dragging my heels when intimidated by the task at hand.  I've moved past this particular bout of writers block though, and I'm glad I have this reference.

What's the most time-consuming task you've done to distract yourself from writing?

1 comment:

Charlie Holmberg said...

Oh wow!! What commitment! I'm surprised you couldn't get any decent maps of it the easy way. XD I think this is awesome, ha!