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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kiddie Crafts - random and letter K

Our crafts have been incredibly random and haphazard as of late.  Here, Zaxxon made a birthday card for a friend.
We read the story of Henny Penny and did a few crafts to go along with it.  Here, he paints her.

Then he put the rest of her together

His hands are the wings, see?

His first connect-the-dots.  This formed a picture of Turkey Lurkey.  He did pretty well, considering he'd never done it before.  He needed help with numbers past twelve.

We worked on the letter "K," which is one he doesn't recognize as readily yet.  He's really getting good at using scissors.

Pasting the K pictures onto the page.  Notice the koala watching him.  he didn't get at all bored this time around (I've often tried to find creative ways to keep him going on these letter projects in the past.)  I wonder if it's just been so long since we did one that it was new again, or if he's passed some sort of developmental milestone.  Either way, it was nice.

For Father's Day, I got a shirt for hubby that says "World's Best Dad, Hands Down" and has space to put children's handprints.  We were a little late in getting it done, but we're very pleased with the end result.

Zaxxon was very good while doing this, holding good on his promise to wait for my guidance and not rush how he thought the handprints should go (I was worried about a dozen partial handprints on the shirt and paint all over the kitchen, because he really doesn't have much patience for projects that he can't dive into immediately.)  But he did great.

Kal'El did a lot better than expected, too.  Hubby held him for me while I manipulated his hands (and Zaxxon took pictures), and he did great.  I think he liked the way the paint felt, and I was impressed that he held his hands open and didn't smear his handprints.  Overall, this turned out great.

It's Christmas in July!  My mother-in-law just retired from teaching elementary school, and she has been going through all of the supplies she brought home.  She brought over a big box of craft supplies and asked me what I wanted for Zaxxon/both boys.  I made some selections, and she took the rest to give to other teacher friends.  One of the items I took was a collection of Christmas stamps.

Well, Zaxxon saw the stamps on the breakfast bar and started begging for ink to use them with.  I didn't really want to break out Christmas supplies, but eventually I decided it didn't matter and brought him paper and ink.  And he LOVED it!

This project came as a legacy from Zaxxon's Grammy as well.  She even had the pieces pre-cut.  It was appropriately timed because of Independence Day, so we made this red, white, and blue star.

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