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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay, so what is it about toddlers and vegetables??

I mean really!  How can they be so fickle about fruits and vegetables?  One week the only green veggie I have is peas, which he gobbles down.  Then he starts to get sick of them, and I cook him some broccoli.  Then I discover that he LOVES blue cheese dip (and he probably eats an adult-size serving of veggies dipped in it.)  The next week he eats plenty of peas, broccoli, and carrots with dip.  Then one day he suddenly decides not to eat broccoli anymore, even with the dip.  The same day he decides he wants Mommy and Daddy's raw broccoli (which he's never had the chewing capacity for before) but only the florets (no stems.)  The same day he also decides he doesn't want sweet potatoes (a staple since about 6 months) anymore, with or without dip.

Fruits too.  One day, banana is his favorite food ever.  The next, he leaves half of them uneaten.  Some days he'll eat every strawberry, cherry, grape or blueberry I put in front of him, other days he pushes them away with a frown.  Pineapple was once heaven, but recently he hasn't wanted anything to do with it.  Watermelon was his first fruit and he ate it regularly last summer, but introductions this summer have fallen flat.  He usually loves pears unless they're underripe, but who knows?  And it's not just that one batch is better-tasting or more ripe than another--if I save an uneaten piece, oftentimes he'll devour it at a later meal.

Seriously, why are they so vacillating when it comes to foods high in vitamins and fiber?  Why do they never refuse things like cake?  And when will he be old enough to understand reasoning such as, "if you don't finish your veggies, you won't get any cake"?

I can't wait--with both curiosity and apprehension--to see what changes to his appetite tomorrow will bring.

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