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Friday, April 15, 2011

I Won a Prize!

So I was a little disappointed in the way the prizes worked for the Ultimate Blog Party this year.  They had a prize form to fill out on the 5 Minutes for Mom site, and I'm sure it was much easier for them than last year's process (where they randomly chose winners from the thousands of comments and then had to check out the person's blog to see which prizes they preferred to win.)  However, I was upset that they required at Twitter identity in order to enter.  I've had no desire to join Twitter as of yet, but there was no way around it, so I didn't enter.  Bummer, since I won a prize last year.

However, some of the blogs I visited in my whirlwind week had giveaways of their own, and I won one of them!

I won a giveaway from Christie over at Average Moms Wear Capes.  I got to choose a necklace from her etsy shop, and this is the one I've requested:
Pretty cool!  Thank you Christie!

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