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Friday, April 29, 2011

I have had it with my depressed immune system!!!

Okay, so babies are parasites.

I'm not saying this in any derogatory way, but the fact is that a baby is a parasite in its mother's body.  As such, the mother's body depresses her immune system so as not to attack this loveable parasite.  And I'm thinking this has got to be partially responsible for the sheer number of colds I've contracted since Christmas.

Sure, my son has been sick a lot, and he usually gives his colds to me, but generally I'm a pretty healthy person.  And lately I've been trying really hard to keep him healthy--especially making sure we remember to wash our hands the instant we return from any outing, etc.  Well, this time he didn't even get sick.  Just me.  And I'm so tired of filling up every trash can in the house with kleenex.  I think I'm ready to have this baby so my immune system can go back to normal.  And so my hip joints will stop feeling like they're about to fall apart on me.  And so I can walk without waddling.  And stand up without hefting myself.  And tie my shoes the normal way again....

*sigh* 6 more weeks.  And the baby needs them.  We do too, to finish the nursery, make a few purchases, and agree on names (hee hee.)  Just six more weeks.

In other news, I finished revising the last story I got critiques from Critters for.  It was a bit of a challenge since it's a piece of flash fiction (1,000 words or less) and people wanted more details/characterization.  I had two words to spare when I started, so I had to figure out what could get cut in order to add tidbits here and there.  (I didn't add much, figuring keeping the character generic would help show that he could be anybody, but I did clarify a few things.  Besides, it's flash!)  But in the end, I wound up with 14 words to spare!  Still not quite sure how that happened, but hey, I'll take it!


CNHolmberg said...

Ha ha, best opening line ever.

Sorry you're sick. :/ Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

If it helps you feel better, I've been various levels of sick since the last week in January and I'm not even pregnant! It's a rough year with the germs for everyone.

And yes I'm SICK of picking up the kleenex everyone meant to get into the trash. (eh me included!).

I remember the waddling and the hip pain. The funniest memory I have is when I was off my IV in the hsopital and was just drinking a ton of water and I got to pee for more than like 10 seconds.

Many good things are coming. Incubate that little cutie and you'll get your body back soon.

The only thing I truly miss about being pregnant is the closeness to the little one. It's a special little bond... feeling a presence growing in your. :)

Rest up! Eat oranges and forget the juice!