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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Late March Kiddie Crafts

We're going to have to rethink our craft wall soon, as we've been unpacking all the personal effects we hid when we staged our house, and this wall used to be (and will again soon be) a family photo wall.  I'm not sure whether we'll just put his crafts lower (more on his level), try to rearrange the photos, or perhaps just use a smaller space on the other side of the hallway.  Probably the latter (I don't trust that the more tactile pieces will stay mounted if he can reach them,) but we'll see.  Here's the current state of our craft wall.

After St. Patrick's Day, I introduced my son to the letter "L."  I also let him get some cutting practice in using the scraps from that day, since obviously he won't get any better (or safer) without practice.  Here he is with the confetti he made.
After that we took some shredded red paper that had come as packing material and put a mane on a lion, because "L" is for "lion."
We also did "L" is for "Ladybug."  I had to do most of the pasting to get the shape right, but he happily attached the pom poms.  (I was going to make it red, but he wanted it to be orange.  I guess it's closer to the color found in nature this way!)
"L" is for "Lollipop."  (He learned to say Lollipop while doing our "L" poster, so I decided to make some big ones out of paper.
This same week, I did a pH and nutrient test on my garden.  After it was complete, I decided to clean the tubes out rather than toss them, because there's a strange allure to tiny tubes.  My instinct was right.  I'd been planning to save them for a future sensory bin or to use as a bath toy, but my son witnessed me washing them and immediately appropriated them for his own purposes.  He played with them for quite a long time.

We've got a lot of birthdays in our family starting in late March and running through mid-May, so interspersed throughout the other crafts we started making birthday cards.  Many I can't show as certain recipients haven't gotten them and might get a spoiler, but these have already been delivered.
After letting my son paint the inside of the cards, I used him as a paintbrush for his Grammy (hubby's mom) and Great Grandma (hubby's grandma)'s cards.  Great Grandma loves butterflies, and Grammy loves dragonflies, so we attempted to create said creatures out of painted footprints.
After all that, I thought it was only fitting to let him do some more painting himself.

We also helped him sign the cards and traced his hand on the back.

The last "L" project was "L is for lacing," in which he laced a big letter L.  He seemed to enjoy it, though he wanted us to take turns, too.

Once again, I'm linking this post to Tot School, where you can see what other parents are doing with their little ones.

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Annie said...

I'm stopping by after the blog hop from 5 minutes for mom. (I'm just getting to making the rounds now!) Congratulations on having been published! Keep up the good work :-) And I love that you're letting your son have so much fun with crafts. That's one thing I'm not so fond of! I need to make a point to do it every so often. He looks like he's having a great time!