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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Using my MPC

And just like that, I've got another story out to the Critters community.  (I only just finished reading the other ones two days ago!)  Then I'll have another one out in two more weeks--I'll be on the revising fasttrack for the next month, I guess.  That's all to the good--I'd like to increase my output before baby comes and drags me to a screeching halt.

This story is much longer than last week's, at 6500 words.  As before, I think I'll wait until they all filter in before reading them.  That way I can get them all read in a few days and not think too hard about one critique, only to find it was in the minority.

In other news, hubby and I have been working on a screenplay for an animated movie together.  After he gets home we spend approximately a half-hour each night down in "our" office (I've officially moved all my stuff out of the new baby's room and our computers now get to cohabitate) getting it written down.  Hubby is the "scribe"--he knows all the formatting stuff, after all--and we talk scenes, dialogue, and action over and get them in the document.  Things are going well, so far.

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Linda said...

You are being very productive! I feel the spring weather slowly working its magic on my energy too, although I have no 'baby deadline' adding its power!