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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kid Crafts - Christmas again!

We continued with Christmas crafts this week, though they were mainly on the fly with little or no planning on my part.  I wanted to plan out crafts, but I just kept getting busy/distracted with other things.

The first thing I had him do was make a Santa hat.  I cut the paper to shape, drew a line where I wanted him to glue the cotton balls, and set him to work.  He did a great job of following my directions on this one.

He didn't know what he was making until we rolled it up after it had dried--and then he loved it.

We also made red and green playdough, to match the season.  He's getting better at helping over a hot stove.

Playing with the new dough.

He said he was making me.  Can't you see the resemblance?  (I have hair, at any rate)

I got this idea from my friend Sela.  Handprint reindeer.

Sela also gave me this idea:  a marshmallow snowman.

Zaxxon insists it's Frosty.  I thought we were done once it had three circles, but he wanted to continue for arms.

When I saw the idea on my friend's blog, I thought it would be a terrific way to get rid of stale marshmallows.  Zaxxon didn't seem to mind that they were stale.

He also helped me make gingerbread dough.  Flour everywhere, of course!

The next day he helped me bake the gingerbread, and some sugar cookies.

Though he was more interested in playing with the cookie cutters

He also decided he was going to wipe the table and wash some dishes.  Like I'm going to say No to that!  Even if I do have to do it over.

Tot School

Linking up at Tot School.  Who knows how crafty/willing to plan I'll be next week.  Stay tuned!

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